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FIND US @ 4:45&d


How To Dance Alone Workshop
Monday 2-4pm

Explore of your body through dance!


This is unique experience, a guided movement and meditation combined! Learn to enjoy dancing truly for yourself and make any dancefloor yous at the same time.

Powerpoint Roulette
Monday 8-9pm

Practice your Improv Skills here!


You'll be surprised with a silly and random slide deck that you get to interpret and share with the audience on the spot!


Surprise yourself and others - magic is always outside of your comfort zone ;-)


Shake Yo Baggins
tuesday 1-2:30pm

Come join us for an epic dance class that will turn into a flash mob performance!

All Level welcome!

 We'll practice a fun choreography at camp before we take the party out to the playa!

Tension Building Pre Kissing Workshop
Tuesday 3-5pm

Focusing on the moments before a kiss, we’ll engage with eye contact, playfulness & vulnerability to find nuances in connection. Kissing not required.


Relaxing Magic Carpet Yoga
weds 11am-12pm

Need some chill time?


Starting with some stretchy flowy movement, we'll follow up with a loooong period of rest.


Let hands-on Savasana adjustments, essential oil misting and dreamy tunes transport you to another dimension.

Non-Duality Practice
weds 4pm - 5pm

A safe and profound exploration of the space beyond the conventional perspective of the self.


This guided meditation begins with recognition of our totally unique identities, and moves to a place of total unification. Requires about an hour and a willingness to dissolve.


Hoblet Preschool Party
THURS 3-6pm

Let your inner child out!

Come party with us at our Playa Preschool. We'll dance, play, have games, toys, snacks and music.

One Minute Film Fest
THURS 9-11pm

Award show!


Unleash your creativity and silliness! Submit your one-minute film and win an epic prize. 

Or be part of the audience and enjoy the movie night!

Submissions are accepted  here:


Open Mic
FRI 3-5pm

Express yourself on stage! 

Share your gifts with others!

You can sign up for a slot in advance, or hop on spontaneously.

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